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Event Overview

The European Commission, in its recently published strategy on hydrogen, has said that renewable hydrogen is “the most compatible option with the EU’s climate neutrality and zero pollution goal in the long term and the most coherent with an integrated energy system”. So how do we get to a position where there is confidence in the viability of the entire value chain, through production, transportation, and consumption of hydrogen?

This Forum Europe conference will look to track this value chain, looking at the final goal of producing exclusively green hydrogen, as well as the compatibility and potential re-tooling of the current energy infrastructure to accommodate it, its potential uses across industry and society, and the required cooperation between policymakers and stakeholders in order to achieve both the green and economic benefits that this form of energy promises.


The first speakers have been announced below. Keep an eye on the website for more speaker announcements in the coming weeks.

Jens Geier

Jens Geier, MEP

Rapporteur for “A Hydrogen Strategy for a Climate-neutral Europe”, ITRE Committee

European Parliament

Claudia Gamon, MEP

Rapporteur for "a Comprehensive European Approach to Energy Storage", ITRE Committee

European Parliament

Christian Weinberger

Christian Weinberger

Senior Adviser, Advanced Industrial Technologies and Hydrogen, DG GROW

European Commission

Emma Champion

Emma Champion

Associate EMEA Policy Analyst



Energy produced from hydrogen has been with us for decades, however renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is not yet cost competitive when compared with fossil fuels. But as the costs of production come down, and as policymakers seek additional means of addressing climate change, its appeal as a potential major player in the EU and global energy mix has grown.

Its applications are numerous, though some are more promising and likely to see large-scale uptake than others. With the European Commission’s own goal to be climate neutral by 2050 as well as the pressure of the goals of the Paris Agreement, the European Commission is firm that if renewable and low carbon hydrogen’s potential is to be maximised, work must begin now. But what should be the areas of policy focus, and in parallel, how efforts can be targeted at the industrial and commercial applications most likely to deliver impact.

If you are interested in any potential speaking opportunities, please contact David Kirby on [email protected] or +44 (0) 2920 783 077.

Day 1, 12 November
Day 2, 13 November
12:45 - 13:00
Pre-Session Networking

Participants arrive on the platform and are able to network with each other (non-obligatory).

13:00 - 13:45
Keynote Session
13:45 - 15:15
Discussion | The European Strategy: How Can the EU Become a Hydrogen Superpower?

In Europe, hydrogen is starting from a low base, and 98% of the hydrogen currently in use in Europe is “black” hydrogen, made by burning fossil fuels due to the costly nature of producing exclusively green hydrogen. However, change is afoot, with significant growth in government subsidies around Europe and ambitious regulatory regimes, particularly at member state level, to drive development in the field. Germany, for example, announced in June 2020 its ambitions to be a world leader in the field, pledging €7bn to achieve this goal.


But where should investment be targeted and how can a common European approach to hydrogen support both efforts at the member state level and Europe’s broader Green Deal ambitions? What contribution from hydrogen is likely in the future energy mix and where is Europe strongest and most able to have impact in the shortest time? 


What do the latest forecasts tell us about the potential cost of hydrogen as we move forward? Is there a role for the fossil fuel industry both in any transition to hydrogen, and in the longer-term? And how can the Commission’s Hydrogen strategy provide a vehicle for a green Covid-19 recovery and boost job creation? 


This session will look at how Europe can boost investment where it matters, what is required to ramp up renewable hydrogen production, and will assess the EU’s hydrogen strategy to facilitate these goals.

15:15 - 15:45
Have Your Say

An interactive discussion and networking session – audience members will have the chance to take the floor and give their thoughts on the discussions that have taken place in the previous panel.

15:45 - 16:30
Networking and End of Day 1

Participants may return to the networking function and discuss the content from the first day.

09:45 - 10:00
Pre-Session Networking

Participants arrive on the platform and are able to network with each other (non-obligatory).

10:00 - 10:15
Panel Opening Speech
10:15 - 11:30
Discussion | Infrastructure in the Circular Economy: System Integration, Storage and Delivery to Market

For hydrogen to be saleable and able to reach the market, the right infrastructure has to be in place.  One of the benefits of hydrogen is its compatibility with the existing energy infrastructure, such as current natural gas pipelines, and its ability to be the focal point of a future circular energy economy by being used as energy storage and converted back into electricity at a later date. But this is only part of the story. The development of electrolysers, refuelling stations, and such storage solutions amongst other infrastructure challenges, some of which Europe occupies a global industrial leadership role, remains sparse and in need of research, investment, and deployment.


This session will look at the principle hurdles to the deployment of hydrogen across existing infrastructures, what any necessary re-tooling might look like, and what, beyond the push for economies to decarbonise as quickly as possible, incentives and mechanisms exist for those who will have to make such transitions a reality?


The session will also explore hydrogen’s energy storage potential and include presentations from EU and non-EU countries, bringing insights from around the world on how hydrogen energy infrastructure is being developed.

11:15 - 11:45
Showcase Session | Hydrogen Energy: The Potential

Hydrogen is back on the political agenda but is also being discussed within industry as means of powering aircraft, trains, lorries, and ships. It has strong credentials when looking at its potential role in storing surplus renewable energy, and of eventually replacing natural gas as a source of heat. This “Showcase Session” will seek to bring to life some of the existing projects in Europe and elsewhere, and to enable an interaction between those working on these projects and conference participants.


Various sectors will join these showcase sessions and discuss how Hydrogen is currently integrated into their current practices as well as how they envisage Hydrogen developing in the sectors.

11:45 - 12:15
Final Session | What’s Next?

Join our event partners in a final session to discuss the merits of the strategies, as well as what changes they hope the consultation period will bring. What needs to be done to ensure the strategies work, and to truly cement Hydrogen as the focal point of a new energy system?

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